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Village of Harristown
Founded in 1859

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The Village of Harristown Board of Trustees will hold their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, March 25, 2019, at 7:00 PM in the Village Hall at 185 N. Kembark Street. 
There will be a Meet the Candidates at 6:30 PM before the Board Meeting begins. Candidates running for Village Offices in the April election have been invited to introduce themselves and meet the public.


There will be a Budget Study Session on March 18 at 5:30 PM for the purpose of setting the Village  of Harristown Budget for the fiscal year May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020.



Your Village of Harristown Polling Place: HARRISTOWN TOWNSHIP HALL
195 Meridian (on the curve to W Main St)

Village Offices and Candidates being voted on:

      Municipal: Village Treasurer - For Unexpired 2-year Term - Vote for ONE   
Julie A. Rose
  Lana L. Drake

Village Trustee - Vote for not more than THREE
            Aaron D. Netterville
       Bradley Centola
   Donald Estep
        Leslie P.Jenkins

                Library:          Harristown Public Library District Trustee - Vote for THREE         
       Lori A. Owens
        Nancy A. Dunn

  School:        Sangamon Valley CUSD No. 9 - Vote for THREE              
                    Martha Gulick Leeper
                Stephanie Guerrero
            Jeffrey W Stahl  



  Call the Village Office to have your address added to the list.


We will advertise the date in The Sentinel, Village Newsletter, Village Faceebook and Village Website.
There will be no maps provided this year, only a list of the addresses participating.



And will continue on the 2nd Tuesday of each month through October.

Be sure to put your brush curbside or roadside the night before. The Public Works employees can not come onto resident's property to assist with any clean up.

Brush must be cut to no more than 6 feet in length. Yard waste bags must be used for small twigs, grass and leaves. There can be no trash or garbage mixed in the yard waste bags or limbs.

Brush will not be picked up if guidelines are not followed.              

Please ONLY brush and yard waste bags.


Macon County Emergency Telephone System

The Macon County Emergency Telephone System Board is used in the event of an emergency within Macon County. Alerts are sent out with potentially lifesaving messages regarding critical events such as chemical leaks, active shooter situations, etc.

This information will be sent to residents who have signed up online and to any resident who uses a land line telephone. If you only use a cell phone, you will not receive these critical notifications unless you sign up on line.

Alerts for significaht weather events such as the near miss we had recently are also among the notifications residents may sign up for. The Alert System is able to send Village Alerts to anyone who signs up for alerts such as, but not limited to, boil orders, road closures or construction, and winter weather closures. There are several ways to receive an alert: Text, phone call, email, TTY /TTD, or using the ContactBridge app found in the App Store.

If you are already signed up for the Macon County Emergency Alert & Notification System, please log in to verify your contact information is up to date.

If you have signed up and are not receiving the alerts, please correct your contact information online at    www.co.macon.il.us  .

If you haven't signed up, please do so by visiting the website   www.co.macon.il.us
At the bottom of the HOME page, look for the police car icon that says "Macon County Emergency Alert & Notification System and click on     >>CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP << .

If you are unable to sign up on line, please call the village office for assistance.

For questions regarding the Emergency Alert & Notification System, please contact the Macon County ETSB at (217) 424-1002


Water/Sewer Billing System

You now have several optional methods for paying your bill. For online payment you will need to create an online account which will give you access to your account history and payment options.

All you need are your account number from the bill, and your CID number located under your account number. The bill shows the Online Payment address to use to create your new PORTAL.

Just follow the instructions on the screen to create your new Customer Account Portal where you can see past bills, current bills, and usage.

  You may now pay in person at the Village Hall by Credit or Debit card, or
  By phone with Credit or Debit by calling the Village Office at 217-963-2980, or
  By Credit Card or Debit Card using the Online Payment/Customer Portal access.

Receiving your bill by e-mail is now an option. Just enroll in e-billing when you set up Online.



Harristown Food Bank

       As always the Village Hall accepts donations for the Food Bank located at the Camp Wilson Foursquare Church.
       You may leave donations at the Hall during regular business hours.  The Food Bank is open on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
       For more information, contact Rose Ross at 963-2587.

For more information, contact Rose Ross at 963-2587.


Sangamon Valley Youth League Equipment

The Village has a box for donations for the Sangamon Valley Youth League. They are in need of donations of used baseball/softball equipment. These donations willbe used for those children who want to play, but may not have items they need. So look in your garage, attic, storage locker and see what you may have forgotten about. Help a kid play ball this spring.




We plan to post information of value on this newly built website, including the following news and event details:

Public Works Information - information regarding village construction projects, street work/closures, road conditions, snow removal, water projects, etc. 

Village Events  -  information about village-sponsored activities such as park events, board meetings, informational meetings, or changes/cancellations of such activities.  

Month at a Glance  -  a monthly list of village events allowing you to better arrange your schedule. 

Safety/Crime Prevention Tips  -  safety tips and reminders related to crime prevention, bicycle safety, school zone safety, etc. 

Community Events  -  information about community garage sales, community festivals, community clean-up projects, etc. 

Village Emergencies  -  boil orders, sewage backup or other health and safety issues important for our residents.


Try as we might, this website is never going to be perfect - but that will not stop us from trying to improve it, to increase its value for helping our village residents.

Please do not hesitate to submit recommendations, news you believe should be posted, etc. You can reach the webmaster by emailing the following address:

 Webmaster Address 

Some content suggestions will require Village Board or committee approval before appearing here.


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First Illinois Home of Abraham Lincoln
Founded in 1859